Couple Opens Contemporary Mediterranean Bistro with a Twist – Phoenix Mag

Larry and Sandy Shore want to put an innovative spin on the traditional dining experience.

That’s why their new concept, Twist Bistro & Gallery, is so aptly named. The restaurant and art gallery is set to open in northern Scottsdale in mid-March.

Larry is a chef and Sandy is an artist, so Twist is an ode to their respective passions.

“It’s something about the soul touching of creating that both me and Sandy really love,” Larry says. “You’re expressing yourself from the deepest point of yourself and you’re sharing that with other people and trying to make them happy.”

Larry trained under a French chef and fell in love with Mediterranean-style cooking, which he implemented as the chef at The Boulders in Scottsdale and Four Friends Kitchen in Denver.

“We’re very American style but I’ll sneak in Mediterranean flavors because it presents a wow factor that people aren’t used to,” he says.

Larry says most diners are “afraid of things they don’t know,” so he wants to make the menu approachable.

“I try to take a lot of that scary terminology out of what we do and orientate it to something people identify with,” he says.

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